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Need a place for your family dinner or reception? 

We have a private “Party Room” with a capacity of 24 guests for your special event, anniversary, reunion, birthday party, or company meeting You can use it for just about anything! Chef Friend's has no specific favorite style but is very knowledgeable in Italian, Mediterranean, oriental, grilling and cooking fresh Maryland style seafood dish such as award winning crab cakes, Chicken Chesapeake and his award winning Maryland crab soup. He tells us "every dish takes equal amount of love and respect to make it", and he believes "cooking is an art, not a job; either you have it or you don't." His finesse with smoked items is beyond incredible but his house made sauces; dressings and marinates with have you wanting and coming back for more.


“The Pitbeef is awesome. The meat was so tender. It melted right in our mouths. They offer all the condiments. Worth the stop when in a hurry. Sure beats McDonalds and Burger King.”

“Fantastic burgers. Brisket is awesome. Very affordable. Great bartenders and servers. We eat there 3 times a week. Good kids menu with free dessert. .”

“Went in for lunch. Friendly bar keep. Great tasting pork sandwich Not sure if quality was adequate. Decent tap selection. Fries were good. .”

"The Crab cakes are huge and very delicious. The price is good, and I will definitely recommend this place. "

“This is the only place i know that serves duck can't find it anywhere else, so you get an automatic 5 stars for that”

“Here to testify. Papa's is well worth a trip to Dundalk, hons”